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Christmas Morning

Come Over


The Forest

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Simple Music Licensing

Let's be honest.. music licensing is boring. No one wants to read through pages of lawyer talk. That's why we've made licensing our music library as simple as possible so you can clearly understand your rights and then move on to more exciting things, like making videos!


Cleared Film Music, Background Music, Production Music, Music for Commercials, and More!

Pay Once and Done

Pay one flat fee... no recurring payments!

Royalty-Free Music

What you earn is what you keep. We got ours, you get yours!

Perpetual Rights

We don't understand the "pay for 1 or 2 months of use" nonsense (and I bet you don't either) so we'll just say every license lasts forever!

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Non-generic Royalty-Free Music only Available Here

Our production music library is 100% original and composed in-house. The only way it's getting out of here is in your videos and projects!

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